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How to Style a Jean Jacket Effortlessly

You’ve made up your denim jacket, great! Now how do you make it fit in your wardrobe? Figuring how to style a jean jacket is thankfully pretty easy! There are very few ways you CAN’T wear a jean jacket. The one style you should avoid at all times is the …
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2 Denim Jacket Patterns Compared: Kingston vs Stevie

October’s Project Sew My Style’s theme is denim jacket patterns. It’s Kingston vs Stevie month! Meaning, the patterns we’ve chosen for the month are the Rebecca Page Kingston and the Style Arc Stevie. *Housekeeping: there are affiliate links in this post, and I received this pattern for free as a …
Pattern Reviews

Wiksten Haori Jacket Pattern Review

Wiksten recently changed the name of their Kimono Jacket to the Wiksten Haori. Why? Isn’t it a kimono? No, it isn’t. Even though that is what this style of sleeve is usually referred to as it’s not technically correct. Even if that’s how it’s named in your technical books. From Wiksten’s …