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Pattern Reviews

Volume, Volume, Volume! Simplicity 8091

Ready to fly! I’M A BAT! That’s what this dress screams to me. I’m a colorful, rainbow bat. At least it’s seasonally appropriate! Speaking of which: what did you dress up as for Halloween? My husband and I were murderjacks, which is an inside joke from our beer-centric Youtube channel. …
Pattern Reviews

The Zebra Cowl Neck Shirt – McCall’s 6841

This pattern is no longer in print, but can be found on Amazon and other sellers. This version of McCalls 6841 is the shirt I affectionately refer to as my zebra shirt. Based on the black and white striping, I could just have easily called it my jail bird shirt …
Pattern Reviews

Spanish Loretta

Sometime over the summer I decided that what my wardrobe needed most was tops. Easy ones. I’d had a run of projects that didn’t work out, stuff that was fitted and needed special attention in the boobs, in the short waistness, in the everywhere. I was out of patience and …