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Mexican Hot Chocolate – Champurrado

What is Mexican hot chocolate (champurrado) and how is it different from regular hot chocolate? How do you even pronounce champurrado? Fret not, dear reader. You’re about to go on a magical ride. A chocolate-flavored magic ride! This is champurrado: And you can thank the ancient Aztecs and Mayans for …

20 Best Mulled Wines for a Toasty Winter Evening

Some variation of mulled wine, a spiced warm drink, is popular in countries around the world. While some may use different base liquids or a slightly different ratios of spices, the similarities are very close. From Scandinavia to India, here are 20 of the best mulled wine recipes for a …
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Creating a Family Coquito Recipe

I’m Puerto Rican on my father’s side, and one thing Puerto Ricans love at Christmas time is coquito. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone has a family recipe. Except me. When I asked around no one actually had a recipe for me to make. And with Pandemic ChristmasTM …