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Throughout the year, the ongoing #sewmystyle Instagram project has brought the online sewing community a monthly challenge to all make the same project. Planned by Alex Bartholomew of Bluebird Fabrics, the challenge curated 12 patterns from indie designers available at a discount for anyone participating (sign-ups were required).


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Some of the patterns wowed me immediately and some did NOT. The Saunio cardigan sweater was one that most definitely did NOT. I had also never heard of nor made anything by Named Clothing, and I would never wear something so boxy.

WRONG. Never say never, kids.

First of all, the pattern was VERY easy to put together. It’s comprised of two fronts, one back, two sleeves, and two-piece facing. I was still a super newbie when I got this pattern, but it was so simple. The only tricky part was working out how the shorter facing attached to the front AND matched the shoulder seams: turns out that the facing pulls up the hem of the cardigan so the facing seam is nicely enclosed. Pretty neat.

Also the sleeves were sewn in flat, before the side seams were closed up, which I had never done. THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER. I still never get a properly eased in sleeve the first time, so that was a big bonus for the pattern.

I made one out of a cheap French terry I picked up at the local mystery fabric shop, sewed it up with whatever thread I had on hand and holy wow, LOVED IT.

I wore it probably nonstop for the first few days. It’s almost too bad that I didn’t take more time with the construction. But really, I’m the only one who can see the blue thread that doesn’t match the fabric. Unless I point it out.

Which I guess I just did…

I immediately cut two more, but made the length a bit longer. I also finished the insides of my next two with bias binding along the facing and hem. Of course I didn’t do this perfectly, but I was proud of my step up in finishing techniques.

I wear these ALL THE TIME, whether permitting. I even have a fourth work in progress in a chunky black knit, which will be perfect when the weather finally turns really cold.

These are the perfect casual chic nouveau blazer. I hate wearing blazers because they never fit properly. But in a structured knit, these boxy cardigans move beyond sweaters into a nice but still hip light jacket that goes well with jeans or slacks.

How wrong was I about this pattern? So very. It goes to show that sometimes we don’t know until we try.
That was the great thing about #sewmystyle: it forced me to rethink what I expect to look good on me. Not all the patterns have worked. But this one definitely became a TNT pattern.
Tried and true!
I was able to fix the puffiness of the facing AFTER the picture was taken…

Cut off picture of a woman in a grey handmade Saunio cardigan over a pink top and with a purple flower pinned to her lapel


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