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Self-Drafted Off-Shoulder Men’s Button Down Upcycle

Look at me, still enjoying this NEVER ENDING SUMMER pretending it’s still summer.

My husband bought that hat in Mexico, while were there celebrating our first wedding anniversary back in June. He wears it nearly all the time now. This photo shoot was done while he was out of the house. Stolen. Ha ha.

Back to this shirt. I got the idea for it from Mimi G. She has a sew along on her YouTube channel. Video tutorials are really the best!

I snagged this beautiful twill weave cotton men’s shirt at the local thrift shop for about $6, brought it home, and followed her tutorial almost to the letter. The only part I struggled with was her instructions for the shoulder pleat. I kept running into the pleat when trying to thread the elastic through. So I finally gave up on the pleat and just folded over. It works fine.

The shirt is cute both tied up like above and left loose like below. I wore it to work a time or two with some cute khaki cropped pants, all tied up. But at the time I worked in a satellite office with no oversight or coworkers, so I could actually just go to work in pajamas if I wanted. Your office dress code might differ…which would suck for you. Condolences.

And while this looks like a cute summer top, the material is actually heavier than it looks, so it’s not really great for the middle of summer. Maybe summer evenings by the beach, where it routinely falls to near freezing temps somewhere in the high 60s. We’re so spoiled in Southern California.

That being said, this shirt gets almost no use. The reason, plainly and simply, is because it requires a strapless bra. Strapless bras are the devil’s playthings and I hate them. I have yet to find one that doesn’t feel like a strangling vice after just a few hours. My max wear time in one is about 4 hours and after that I turn into an angry bitch. I can’t help it, it’s the bra. Evil thing.

So yeah, it sits alone in the closet, but that’s okay. If I ever find the right bra, it’ll come right back out to play.

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