Mannequin with red measuring tape around shoulders and handbrushed lettering overlayed reading Resources Sew My Style 2020 #SMS20

Did you miss an #SMS20 newsletter (sign up here)? Looking for a tip from one of our leaders? Here are all the links to resources that have been posted by our leadership team throughout the year.

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PauletteQ&A with Featured Designer Megan Nielsen: a quick interview with one of the two featured designers for #SMS20 January

Michele – How to Remove KAM Snaps Fast: a quick tutorial for getting them out of your clothes (video)

Laura – Sew My Style 2020 #sms20: the patterns Laura is planning to make this year (video)

Paulette – Enhance Your Closet with Sew My Style 2020: how do you integrate this year’s patterns into your existing wardrobe?

Michele – Pants Fitting Tips: great tips for making pants! (IG video highlight)

Kelsey – Style Inspiration for Your Tania Culottes: different ways to wear these pants that look like skirts

Kelsey – 3 Simple Tips for How to Style Your Culottes in Winter: how to wear possibly thin pants in cold weather

Ari – Sew My Style 2020: a look at all the patterns

Ari – Kortney Bodysuit Inspiration: styling inspiration as well as tips for making a bodysuit

Paulette – Q&A with Featured Designer Stephanie Thiel of Rad Patterns: a quick interview with one of the two featured designers for #SMS20 January

Ari – Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes: a recap of both January patterns with many hilarious pictures!


Michele –  Minimum Ease/Wearing Ease: those tricky numbers demystified!

Carol –  Summit Pack Tutorial/Sew Along (Pt 1): an overview of the Summit Pack and resources for buying bag-making supplies

Carol – Summit Pack Tutorial/ Sew Along (Pt 2): a step-by-step photo tutorial of the Summit Pack

Michele – Where to Measure on a Pattern: if you need help figuring out where to measure fit points on a pattern, use this in-depth guide

PauletteFriday Pattern Company Designer Q&A: a fun interview with Chelsea Gurnoe, the pattern designer behind Friday Pattern Company

Julian Sew My Style 2020 Ilford Jacket: read about Julian’s adjustments to the pattern and how he matches it with shiny Chucks

Sarah Ilford Jacket: Sarah’s take on the pattern, with exquisite embroidery details

Paulette Laela Jeyne Patterns – Sew My Style 2020 Designer Q&A: get to know Marisa Ryniak, the designer behind Laela Jeyne Patterns

Ari – Sailor Moon Inspired Ilford Jacket & Tania Culottes: see how Ari paired January’s and February’s patterns into this great outfit

Paulette Turning the Ilford Jacket into a Shirt: the Ilford makes a pretty easy-to-sew shirt too!


Minna Meet the Gelato Blouse + Dress: Minna introduces the pattern and shows you how to make it, with some adjustment tips and a tutorial.

Laura Willa Week Part 1: Laura reviews the pattern, shows her 2 versions, and the changes she made

Minna Gelato Blouse + Dress Pattern Hacks: Minna lists nearly every conceivable pattern hack for the neckline, sleeves, placket, ruffles, pockets, hem flare, back closure. You name it!

Laura Waterproofing a Coat Using Seam Tape: Laura turned her Willa Coat into a waterproof raincoat in this video


Sarah Redwood Sew-a-Long: gather your supplies and follow along as Sarah shows you how to make a Redwood Vest

Sarah Redwood Sew-a-Long – Hand Pockets: learn how to insert your pockets

Sarah Redwood Sew-a-Long Day 3: learn to make the yoke, along with some colorblocking fun

Sarah Redwood Sew-a-Long Day 4: see how to insert the zipper shield and front zipper in your Redwood

Ari Nova Sweatshirt Inspiration: Ari showcases a ton of ways to wear the sweatshirt or hack it into something else

Ari Sailor Moon Cropped Nova Sweatshirt: Ari turns a sweatshirt pattern into a cropped hooded t-shirt instead

Ari Nova Sweatshirt Hack and Tutorial: watch how to turn the Nova into a cold shoulder short sleeved t-shirt

Sarah One More Redwood Vest: check out the very cool pocket hack Sarah used for another Redwood Vest


Michele True Bias Rio Top and Dress: as a tester for the pattern, Michele has all the inside information on this new release.

Julian Game Day Jersey Perfect for Quarantine Couture!: check out Juian’s take on the Game Day Jersey with kente fabric accents (plus a “super honest” view of his sewing studio).

Michele The Rio Tank Top Hack: want a sleeveless t-shirt dress? Michele walks you through this hack for creating a tank dress out of the Rio Ringer pattern.

Sierra Styling the Free Range Slacks: SMS alum Sierra Burrell breaks down the MANY fabric options for the Free Range Slacks.


Sierra Free Range Slacks Fabric Options: SMS alum Sierra showcases Lydia Okello’s styling of the pants

Michele Pants Fitting: The Crotch is a two-part series in which Michele illustrates how to measure yourself and pants patterns to ensure they fit!

Kris Barkly Skirt Inspiration: Kris shows her self-made croquis to illustrate various fabric options for her upcoming Barkly skirt.


Stay tuned!

Mannequin with red measuring tape around shoulders and handbrushed lettering overlayed reading Resources Sew My Style 2020 #SMS20