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Hacking the Pattern – McCall’s 6744, Part 2

A year ago I posted about a McCall’s 6744 hack that in itself was already 8 months old at the time. It was a racerback tank top hack of View A/B I’d made in early 2017. It’s now summer 2019. And I just remembered I never posted Part 2 of …

Sewing Fail: Helen’s Closet Elliot Sweater Pattern Review

The Elliot Sweater from Helen’s Closet is a great basic pattern. It’s a boxy raglan sleeve top with either a regular neckband or cowl/turtleneck option. It has such great potential. It just wasn’t great ON me. But don’t worry. I won’t let that color my review of the pattern. Plus …

3 Easy Ways to Do Round Back Adjustments on Knits

Learning to sew is fun and all, but learning to fit garments is a whole different animal! I’ve mentioned a high round back adjustment in my post about my typical adjustments, but what exactly is one? And what do knits have to do with it? What is a Round Back …

Hacking the Pattern – McCall’s 6744, Part 1

(This post about McCall’s 6744 was written last December, and has been sitting unpublished. It’s about a shirt I made in early 2017, so it’s an old post about an old make—meta-blogception! I thought it would be nice to take a trip back in time. Enjoy.) Winter doesn’t ever last very …

Frilly in Pink – Wardrobe by Me Hera Wrap Top

One of my big goals for the year has been more me made tops. And you know how I love me some girly frills. The free Wardrobe by Me Hera blouse delivered on this in spades! I had posted a poll on Instagram to help pick the fabric for my True …

The Red Turtleneck – Kwik Sew 4069

Do you watch Archer? It’s an adult cartoon on FXX about a bumbling spy who considers himself 007. It’s hilariously mature comedy and there’s a running gag about his proper spy outfit. He must wear a black turtleneck. I have been on the hunt for the perfect black sweater fabric …