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Laela Jeyne Patterns – Sew My Style 2020 Designer Q&A

Laela Jeyne Patterns designer Marisa Ryniak has made two of her patterns available for Sew My Style 2020: March’s Willa Vest and the Reed Trousers in August. Willa Vest Reed Trousers For people who prefer a full jacket instead of just a vest, the Willa also has the option of …

Best Patterns for Quilting Cotton

This post was updated on April 14, 2020. Among some of the best patterns for quilting cotton are actual wearable garments. Wait, sewing clothes with quilting cotton?! Is that allowed??? Uh, yes! Yes! YES! Quilting cotton isn’t usually what people consider for making clothes. It’s stiffer than typical garment fabric. …

Pattern Testing – Laela Jeyne Cosette

I answered the latest tester call for the Laela Jeyne Cosette because I’ve been wanting to get into more pattern testing. I’m enthralled by the pattern making process and have learned so much about it in just the last couple of months.  The Cosette is part of the new La …