Laela Jeyne Patterns – Sew My Style 2020 Designer Q&A

Headshot of Laela Jeyne Patterns designer Marisa Ryniak in a sleeveless red floral top against green bushes

Laela Jeyne Patterns designer Marisa Ryniak has made two of her patterns available for Sew My Style 2020: March’s Willa Vest and the Reed Trousers in August.

For people who prefer a full jacket instead of just a vest, the Willa also has the option of sleeves with this free add-on pattern. This is free to everyone, even if you’re not participating in Sew My Style 2020!

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Like Rad Patterns (the other pattern company we’re featuring twice for SMS20), Laela Jeyne Patterns are size-inclusive and they offer men’s patterns as well.

Based on the east coast of the United States, Marisa took on designing clothes after the birth of her second daughter. She found ready-to-wear clothing lacking, and decided to create her own garments instead:

Store bought clothes really didn’t fit me well and shopping wasn’t fun anymore. I wanted my clothes to make me feel happy, comfortable, and confident! My goal for each of my patterns is to pass those same feelings onto you.

Editor’s note: I’ve tested for Marisa in the past and have made both the Cosette and Samantha. I can attest fo feeling “happy, comfortable, and confident” in those tops! And fun fact: Laela Jeyne Patterns created after 2017 also come with built-in cup sizing! No more FBAs!

As part of her and Laela Jeyne Pattern’s participation in Sew My Style 2020, Marisa answered some questions posed by the audience. We wanted to learn more about her and get her insight into designing menswear since she’s one of the few designers that do this. Check out her small but growing Dapper by LJ line.

Enjoy the interview!

What is your name? Marisa.

What is your company’s name and how did you come up with it? Laela Jeyne Patterns. Laela Jeyne is my youngest’s name and I thought it doubled as a great business name as well.

How long has your company existed? 5 years.

When did you decide to become a pattern designer? 5 years ago I was drafting on paper and decided to learn how to digitize the patterns. The rest is history!

What inspired you to start creating patterns? I love to create and flex my creative muscles. Sewing and designing is really fun for me because my mind treats it as a puzzle to solve and exercises my creativity.

What background do you have in pattern design (self-taught, technical schooling, etc)? Self-taught.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and do you prefer a cone or a bowl? Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a waffle cone.

What is the one movie you HAVE to watch if it comes on TV? Any of the Harry Potter movies.

If you didn’t have sewing, what would your creative outlet be? Probably building things or refinished furniture.

What is the barrier for designers and companies to make more menswear patterns that are modern and current, especially as the men’s sewing community grows? I think men’s patterns in the last 50 years have traditionally been less exciting to create than women’s patterns. In the past, it seems like men tended to gravitate towards straightforward lines and styles in their fashion. As styles change and society embraces new things and ideas, I hope menswear becomes just as exciting to create as womenswear. I have started following quite a few male sewists recently and am inspired by their creativity.

Where do you get ideas for new designs? I like to look on Pinterest and mix and match design elements to create a unique piece.

What do you hope people gain from using your patterns? A sense of confidence that their bodies will fit perfectly into the pattern and pride that they’ve created something great for themselves.

Thanks, Marisa! To learn more about Laela Jeyne Patterns, check out their site!

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Headshot of Laela Jeyne Patterns designer Marisa Ryniak in a sleeveless red floral top against green bushes with text overlay in a black box that reads Marisa Ryniak Laela Jeyne Patterns & Sew My Style 2020,
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