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2 Denim Jacket Patterns Compared: Kingston vs Stevie

October’s Project Sew My Style’s theme is denim jacket patterns. It’s Kingston vs Stevie month! Meaning, the patterns we’ve chosen for the month are the Rebecca Page Kingston and the Style Arc Stevie. *Housekeeping: there are affiliate links in this post, and I received this pattern for free as a …
Pattern Reviews

Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2018

It was hard work but I was finally able to come up with my top 5 sewing patterns of 2018. Just to illustrate how tough this was, I originally had 13 makes I wanted to share! But I got wise and decided to narrow it down to my favorite patterns. …
Pattern Reviews

Cardis for Mom & Me – Rebecca Page Circle Cardigan

(Before we begin: do you spell it cardi or cardie? Apparently both are acceptable, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, so if you see both spellings here, don’t worry. The hashtag for it is actually #circlecardie and this was the first time I had ever seen it with an E! …