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Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2018

Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2018, including McCall's 7026, True Bias Lander shorts AND Roscoe Blouse, Cashmerette Rivermont Dress, and Rebecca Page Circle Cardigan.

It was hard work but I was finally able to come up with my top 5 sewing patterns of 2018.

Just to illustrate how tough this was, I originally had 13 makes I wanted to share! But I got wise and decided to narrow it down to my favorite patterns. I think I might still share the original list of 13. What do you think?

So what made these special? They worked! Or if they didn’t, I worked at them until I got what I wanted. Some I made multiples of, some I just loved how the finished product came out. But mostly they’re the garments I reach for over and over (um, except the men’s one).

*Housekeeping: some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that I get a tiny commission from purchases you make using them, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra! If I like them, you might too!*

Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2018:

#5. McCall’s 7206

Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2018: dad in M7206

Obviously, this isn’t one I wear. But I made it THREE times!

This is the bowling shirt I made for both my dad (plus the one above) and my husband. It’s also the only men’s pattern on this list. I obviously don’t wear these shirts but I really like the way they look on my men.

It’s a loose fit shirt with a camp collar, with a 3-piece front that lends itself to some nice color blocking. I would highly discourage you from using a patterned fabric with this, unless you enjoy driving yourself mad with pattern matching. Or maybe you’re a pattern matching wizard? If so, can you teach me your dark magic?

I still owe my dad a blue silk one…so maybe this will end up on 2019’s list too!

#4. True Bias Lander Shorts

Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2018: True Bias Lander shorts


If my wearing these shorts on my blog avatar, and just about anywhere else Petite Font is found on the web, wasn’t a big enough indication: I FUCKING LOVE THESE SHORTS.

They were a labor of love, of course. There was the first version, two test fits that are now stars, and the final finished product. Sometimes something worth having isn’t easy to acquire. It took 3 renditions to lock in the fit. But now they’re nearly perfect and have taken away my fear of pants! Once I get the waistband figured out, pants will be a breeze!

Plus Kelli’s instructions are one of the best in the indie world. Her patterns are worth every penny.

#3. True Bias Roscoe Blouse

Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2018: True Bias Leafy Blouse


Another True Bias pattern? Hell yes.

Even though my first version of this had to be sized down significantly, I constantly reach for this blouse. I’m a big fan of peasant blouses (which is why there were multiples on my original SWAP list). And there’s just something sweet and sexy about this top.

The fabric was chosen by Instagram, and I made it for my birthday. It’s a cute top with a slightly too deep front V, which my husband appreciates, so it doubles as a date night top!

It’s the perfect mix of feminine and casual that I prefer in my wardrobe. When I conceived my #2018makenine plans, I wanted at least one shirt that had special details. This definitely fills that spot. I even still wear my slightly oversized flannel muslin,too!

#2. Cashmerette Rivermont Top and Dress

Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2018: : Cashmerette floral Rivermont


Another birthday outfit! I love my sleeveless hack of this pattern but the real winner is this dress.

It’s a beautiful silhouette with its TWELVE darts. It’s perfect for a party OR work, like the ultimate little black dress. Except my LBD is a pink floral. LOL.

I took this from late afternoon into late night on my birthday. But also wore it to a conference I worked in Canada. It really is versatile. I’m thinking of hacking it once again to have a cowl neck…thoughts?

Remind me to use a stiffer fabric for the pockets next time, though.

#1. Rebecca Page Circle Cardigan


Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2018: Rebecca Page Circle Cardigan

My top pattern for all of 2018 is the circle cardi. I affectionately refer to it as my Wu-Tang sweater because of the funky body piece. But I kid you not that I practically live in this sweater the moment it is even a hint of chilly.

The neck piece is only a slight bit tricky, but after figuring it out it’s a really quick sew. My mom ended up with 2 for herself, and every time she comes over she has at least one of them on.

With generous ease, it doesn’t require an FBA, which is great because I can’t even begin to imagine how to do it on that sort of huge circle piece. It’s ultimately an easy-to-make and easy-to-wear piece and that’s why it’s my favorite pattern I used this year.

So those are my top 5 sewing patterns of 2018!

What are your picks for 2018? Do you keep top 5 lists? What about top 13? Let me know down below!

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