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In The Folds ā€“ Sew My Style 2020 Designer Q&A

I was so excited when Emily from In the Folds agreed to launch her new Barkly Skirt with Sew My Style this year. As an Australian designer with inclusive sizing, Emily was a rare find. As a team, we wanted to work with as many international designers as possible. In …

Sew My Style Bingo for Me Made May 2020

This year Sew My Style 2020 has a casual challenge within a challenge! Sew My Style Bingo celebrates Me Made May by highlighting all of our wonderful 2020 pattern companies. This isn’t prize driven, as we do already have Spoonflower sponsoring a pretty sweet prize for May. This is in …

Enhance Your Closet with Sew My Style 2020

Sew My Style 2020 launched with the clock striking midnight on January 1st and it’s a great way to enhance your closet this year. As of today we have nearly 3,500 people subscribed and many of them are new to sewing. It’s an exciting way to get into garment sewing. …