Sew My Style Bingo for Me Made May 2020

4 squares by 3 squares grid that spells out SMS 20 by Me Made May

This year Sew My Style 2020 has a casual challenge within a challenge! Sew My Style Bingo celebrates Me Made May by highlighting all of our wonderful 2020 pattern companies.

This isn’t prize driven, as we do already have Spoonflower sponsoring a pretty sweet prize for May. This is in addition to our regular schedule sewing!

How to Play Sew My Style Bingo

On the card below you’ll find a square with every single pattern company participating in SMS20. You can also find the card on our Instagram post.

If you find yourself wearing or making something by any of these companies, you get to check off a square!

Post your garment (or work in progress) with the hashtag #sms20xmmmay20 and a copy of the bingo card with your squares checked off.

Anyone who uses the hashtag #sms20xmmmay20 will potentially be reposted in the Sew My Style stories (public accounts only).

5 by 5 gridded square in various colors listing all the pattern companies participating in Sew My Style 2020

It does NOT need to be one of the 24 featured patterns from this year (though we won’t discourage it, especially if you’re working on a Rio Ringer Tee or Game Day Jersey this month!).

This is open to ANY pattern from our featured designers.

For example: maybe you’re wearing a Kortney Bodysuit under a York Pinafore.

That’s 2 bingo spaces you can check off! And only one of these is a featured pattern.

You could easily check off 3 squares too. How about a Sew DIY Lou Box Top paired with the Love Notions Sabrina Slims and a Sinclair Patterns Harper:

None of these are featured patterns but they’re all from our featured designers!

You could also up the ante by throwing on a bag from Cloudsplitter or maybe you already have a Millicent Joy Honeycomb bag? Accessories count, so that’s 4 squares in one outfit!

You could also just take it one garment per day. Here I am in a True Bias Roscoe Blouse with my own RTW jeans. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be wearing this at least once in May.

Curly haired Latina in a yellow and white handmade Roscoe blouse and jeans leaning against a yellow couch

The giraffes are a bonus!

So which designers will you be wearing this month? How quickly can you tick off an entire row or column? How many different designers can you combine in one outfit?

This is all simply for fun, so we hope you have a good time. And don’t forget the hashtag #sms20xmmmay20!

New to Sew My Style? Learn more and join in here.

Sew My Style 2020 includes these talented sewists, catch up on their #SMS20 posts:

Aaronica @ The Needle & The Bell | Ari @ Max California | Minna @ The Shapes of Fabric | Carol @ Chatterstitch | Michele @ WinMichele | Julian @ Julian Creates | Florence @ FTMom3 | Kelsey @ Seam Lined Living | Kris @ Sew Notes | Laura @ The Specky Seamstress | Sarah @ Haraz Handmade | Shelby @ Handmade Shelby | and SMS20 Coordinator Paulette @ Petite Font

To stay up-to-date with all the #SMS20 news, pattern discounts and inspiration, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at Sew My Style 2020.

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[…] The folks who run Sew My Style are also hosting a bingo game for the duration of Me Made May. Every time you wear a garment from a particular company’s pattern, you can mark the square until you have bingo. You can check out the bingo card they made here. […]