One Pattern, One Week???

I wish I’d watched Lindsey’s October plans video before I published my own. I’m a huge fan of Inside the Hem and have scuttled my plans before based on Lindsey’s videos. She reminded me of One Week, One Pattern and now I want to do that, too!

What is #OWOP17? From Sewisfaction:

One Week, One Pattern is a photo challenge to try and get as many sewists as possible making the most out of their sewing patterns, by wearing garments made from ONE pattern for ONE week. This might be your favourite pattern you’ve made in lots of different fabrics, it might be one or two garments from the same pattern that you want to style in different ways, or you could be a pattern hacker who’s used the same pattern to make lots of different versions. The beauty of the challenge is that it’s totally up to you to choose which pattern and how you interpret it.

I had seen something about #OWOP17 on Instagram but at the time couldn’t conceive of which pattern I even like enough to make in seven different versions. The most I’ve ever done were three Saunio Cardigans and three Ogden Camis. Three seems to be my magic number and also the limit to my creativity and patience.

But then I started thinking how my summer project of making more tops could fit with this. Lindsey is using this as a fabric stash buster and that got my wheels turning even more. I love a challenge, especially one that benefits me directly. Finally, after my second beer at Oktoberfest, it came to me!

I was telling my husband how my original Fancy Tiger Crafts One Hour Shirt was showing some wear with actual tears. I’d made this shirt early in my sewing journey, before I knew what the difference between zigzag and straight stitches meant for knits. Oops. The delicate sweater knit was tearing in several places around the neckline, where I had simply turned it under and STRAIGHT STITCHED around.

Also, like my Spanish Loretta, it lacked a proper full bust adjustment. That was back before I knew what an FBA is and how necessary they are. But heathered and striped fabrics reveal this in the convex line of the material across the boobs, like an upside down smile. Frowny face over the boobies is no bueno.

The One Hour Shirt is a free pattern and named as such because it’s so easy it should only take an hour to make. Truthfully, my first one took more like a full Saturday but I had only been sewing for all of four months and see above about how much of a noob I was at the time. The top is only 2 pieces, a front and back, with cut on sleeves. They’re called dolman or batwing sleeves. It’s ripe for hacking!

Lying in bed the morning after Oktoberfest, listening to my husband lightly snore, I came up with a list of 10 possible alterations. I only need seven! But I also need more me made tops, making this a perfect project. I’m so excited to start!

The event runs from Saturday, Nov 25th to Friday, Dec 1st so that’s well over a month to get myself together. If I run out of time, maybe my original One Hour Top won’t have completely fallen apart yet and I can style that one to hide the tears.

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