Recapping #OWOP17

I did it! 7 days, 7 different looks from the same pattern. I do admit I repurposed one item for two different days, but that’s okay.

I took the very basic One Hour Top from Fancy Tiger Crafts and used it as the template for all seven days. Even though I didn’t wear the outfits in the order of their creation, all of them except the original that I already had were made expressly for this week and were given the following alterations:

  • 5/8″ high round back adjustment, creating a center back seam
  • 1″ full bust adjustment
  • shortened the sleeves by 1″
The challenge ran Saturday, November 26 through Friday, December 1. Here are my outfits by day:

The shirt is made from a heathered grey lightweight sweater knit in a mystery fabric. I mentioned in a previous post that it’s really beginning to show some wear and tear, especially around the collar, but that’s nothing a red pashmina can’t fix!

As you can see, I didn’t do an FBA on this, evident by the downward slope of the stripes across my boobs. I fixed that in all subsequent version.

I actually really like this shirt. I made it about a year ago, but I still wear it despite the issues. That’s probably why it’s falling apart.



There’s nothing like a good brunch on Sundays (provided it doesn’t interfere with football). This cozy double knit suited my dolman dress version perfectly. I love the color, even though coral is far outside of my go-to palette, and that’s part of the reason I picked it up. Also, it cost all of $3.49 for the 3.5 yards I purchased, so yeah! Fabric by the pound FTW!

This, like a few other versions later in the week, got the v-neck treatment. I love me a good v-neck. And because I knew the opening was big enough without needing to stretch, I used a cute contrasting bias tape from a woven fabric. Wendy Ward has a great tutorial for adding bias tape to v-necks.

For the skirt I used one of my TNT skirt patterns, McCall’s 6744. I taped the shirt to the skirt where I thought they matched best, then cut 3 inches off the bottom. I’m only 5’3″ (1.6 meters for the metric folks), so I usually need to trim dresses about this much no matter what. I originally added pockets to this, but they were too low and added unnecessary bulk to my hips so away they went!


My Mondays are usually spent editing and uploading Beerocrats TV videos, so I aim for comfort over everything else. My absolute favorite make of all the One Hour Tops is this grey wool blend v-neck sweater.

Closet Case Patterns has an excellent tutorial on creating a knit binding for v-necklines and it worked beautifully even with this thicker knit. I also added side vents because ever since I learned to do this on my Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater, I’ve replicated it as often as possible. It’s just so chic!

I lounged in my Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings which I’m afraid to wear outside of the house because I don’t trust the seams. But for a day of editing at home, they’re just what the doctor ordered. 


On Tuesday I wore my second favorite make, made in a black floral Liverpool. I was inspired by one of my RTW sweaters with cuffs to do the same for this one. That required trimming the sleeves down another inch, creating cuffs that when folded were just over one inch wide, and sewing them together with the 1/2″ seam allowance used in the rest of the shirt. It was really easy and a nice break from hemming sleeves!

As I mentioned on the IG post, I really dislike the color blue. I have never really liked it, so I don’t know what it was about this fabric that drew me to it, but I couldn’t resist it. I saw it at one of my favorite stores in the LA fashion district and walked by it at least twice before I eventually gave up and bought it. This is the third make from it. I also have a Cali Faye Collection Pocket Skirt and New Look 6411 shift dress (also with side vents!) made out of it. I think it’s the deep turquoise and pale lavender combination that did it for me. They’re not boring midnight and baby blue, though it’s a little difficult to tell in this picture.


On this day I pulled out my least favorite version and made it work because the color is so damn good, and I’m a sucker for any excuse to wear red lipstick.

This crappy red lycra broke my machine. Literally. I had to buy a new one in the middle of the month because the combination of this shitty fabric, a dull twin-needle, and a nest of bobbin thread created a catastrophe that broke my bobbin case! I’ll get it fixed eventually but I did get to upgrade to a much nicer computerized model (review coming soon).

Anyway, the fabric was so bad. Why did I even get it? I think originally I meant to use it as lining, then it became the muslin for all these hacks. And since I took the time to finish it, I figured I might as well get some use out of it. The collar is too small for my liking and also full of holes thanks to the damn needle, so notice I hid that with another scarf. But at least I didn’t waste good fabric figuring out all the fit issues. The blue floral version from the day before was made immediately after this one and you can see the difference in the necklines.


I actually had to leave the house on Thursday, so I decided to fall back on my comfy charcoal sweater version and dress it up with these hot red pants. I love the color red, I love a slim fit on pants, and I love that these fit better than ever before since I just lost a little weight. Basically this was my favorite outfit all week long.

I need to make more things to go with those pants!

What goes well with orange red? Other than black or white (or grey)? Maybe something with a lot of color that pulls the red out? Should I go long or short sleeve?

So many decisions!


Finally, the blissful end to the week. I originally made this dress, based on the exact same pattern as the coral double knit from Sunday, in an ultra hurry because I wanted to wear it to an event El Husbando and I had the night before Thanksgiving. I was in such a rush, I even sewed the neckline on backwards (starting from the inside instead of the outside), but I didn’t care. I really wanted to wear this for date night! But the event was far away, the traffic was legendarily bad, and it was nearly 100 degrees that day so I wasn’t in the mood for either sitting in traffic OR wearing black, and so this dress never got to go out.

Tonight is date night, though! So guess what’s finally making it’s debut? The snake dress! Or should I call it the cobra dress? Help a girl out and leave some suggestions in the comments.

I bought this fabric in order to make McCall’s 7591 for a different date night over the summer but the muslin for it turned out too difficult to make so I abandoned that effort. So it was resurrected for this make and I love the drapiness of it. I made sure the pattern lined up with the center front, but the back wasn’t as successfully lined up. Oh well. I don’t see it, so it doesn’t bother me!

And that was my One Week One Pattern week of One Hour Tops! I really enjoyed this, even if I did make almost all new makes

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