Hey, It Fits! – Blank Slate Blanc Tee in a Woven

I mentioned in my post about my Seamwork Loretta that I had used that same fabric once before to make a Blanc Tee, and how idiotic it was to use a woven fabric for a knit pattern.

It obviously didn’t fit at the time, but I actually took my time with it so I was really disappointed. I used French seams inside, and bound the neck and cap sleeves with skinny bias binding. I even managed to pattern match the shifty fabric (on one side).

It looked nice, at least.

This week I decided to transition my closet from summer to winter, which means pulling out all the tank tops and taking my sweaters out of their hidey hole. In the same box as the sweaters was this top. On a whim I decided to try it on, as one does when they want to torture themselves.
But the thing is, you see, I’ve been on a serious health kick this year. Since the summer I’ve lost over 10 pounds but the better part is all the inches I’ve shrank. I have muscles instead of fat now, at least in some places. I’m supa-dupa strong, but also a little slimmer overall.
AND HOLY SHIT, THE SHIRT FIT!! It’s little tight around the arms, but I can actually fit it over my boobs!


I”m pretty damn proud of myself. Melissa Mora, the mastermind behind the pattern, posted about making her own woven version and suggested going up two sizes. I had already made this one, but it was a good lesson.

That also means I’ve gone down at LEAST one size. YAY!

I going to go do a happy dance now. 

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