2020 Movie Costumes Exhibit at FIDM, Part 2

Image of a Star Wars stormtrooper's mask in darkness with text overlay that reads 2020 Movie Costume Exhibit at FIDM

Continuing on from last week’s post about the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM (aka the 28th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design), here are more of my favorites from the show:

2020 Movie Costumes from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars display at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

There were two Star Wars costumes in particular that I found really intriguing: the Aki-Aki creature in a giant yellow mumu and Keri Russell’s skin-tight red Zorii Bliss outfit.

I’m not sure if you can tell but that red costume is in twill, maybe even denim. That’s a woven fabric. So for it to be molded into a skin-tight bodysuit, it’s either got lots of stretch to it, some hidden zipper, or both. And all those seams look flat-felled, like jeans. I hope for the actress’s sake that it was at least natural fibers so her skin could breathe!

The detail on the arms is also super cool.

Detail shot of the arm and seaming of the red Zorii Bliss jumpsuit from Star Wars display at the 2020 movie costume exhibit at FIDM

The yellow mumu is puzzling. I can’t work out how many layers or separate pieces make up this garment. This ruching around the head is fascinating.

Closer view of the back of costume showing ruching around the head of the yellow Aki-Aki character from Star Wars as seen at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

Whatever it is, it looks like the type of thing I need for lounging around my house. Can anyone recommend a pattern?

2020 Movie Costumes from Aladdin

Display of Aladdin costumes at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

It’s beautiful movie costumes like these from Aladdin that baffle me about the Academy’s choices for the Best Costume Design Oscar. Little Women won the statue, but Aladdin wasn’t even nominated!!

It makes no sense to me. I can’t figure out what the criteria is for getting a nomination. So let’s just look at the beautiful costumes, yes?

This is a closeup of the details on Jasmine’s costume:

Notice how much embroidery there is EVERYWHERE on this costume! And the medallion at the bottom tip of the bodice that perfectly lines up with the same motif on the pants! Not to mention all of the immaculate symmetry in that bodice. Amazing.

2020 Movie Costumes from Harriet

Display of Harriet costumes at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

The dresses from Harriet told a story all by themselves. Especially the contrast between these two: a blue pinstriped one and the green silk one.

You can see how the blue one has been repaired several times, has mismatched buttons, and has holes at the bottom of the skirt. It’s also dirty and discolored.

Compare that to this almost-perfect olive silk dress. The ruching in the princess seams, the fully matched brass buttons, and pristine lace collar are a stark contrast to the other dress.

2020 Movie Costumes from My Name is Dolemite

Display of My Name is Dolomite costumes at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

The My Name is Dolemite costumes are so incredibly cool. I’m not even a fan of 70s fashion, but these are fantastic.

Wesley Snipes’ black and pink jumpsuit and jacket combo by itself is something to marvel at. Look at the cut-outs in the leather that show off the black knit underneath.

Look at how the shoes are matched to Eddie Murphy’s blue tuxedo. And that fleece-lined shawl collar and cuffs!

Not to mention this great embroidery and matching covered button on the pink and black jacket.

Close up of front embroidery on Eddie Murphy's black velvet tuxedo from My Name is Dolemite, at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

Can you help a girl out. I already know what pattern I’d use to make the cape (New Look 6479, obviously). But which of the popular pantsuit patterns a) are made for knits, and b) could be used to recreate this fabulous yellow pantsuit?

Yellow jumpsuit and cape worn by Da'Vine Joy Randolph in My Name is Dolemite, at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

2020 Movie Costumes from Downton Abbey

Display of Downton Abbey costumes at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

Finally, what I considered the piece de resistance, was the Downton Abbey costumes. When I watched this movie, I stopped paying attention to the dialogue and started trying to figure out how Michelle Dockery’s final sequined dress was put together.

Thankfully it was the center of this specific grouping seen above!

There was also a poster to show the back of the dress, which is what had me gobsmacked while watching the movie. The black front V-neck serves as the straps for the dress then fall into a deep V in the back.

Poster for the Downton Abbey movie showing the back of Michelle Dockery's sequined dress, as seen at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM

On closer inspection, there is a nearly invisible seam along the bottom of the dress. It also curves up at the side seam.

In the second picture you can see some threads coming loose. I wonder how much a fully sequined dress weighs…

I also loved the simplicity of Michelle Dockery’s blue dress. While the silhouette is basic, that material is anything but! Working with pleated or crinkled fabric is HARD. It grows and stretches. Keeping the shape is a work of magic all its own.

Mannequin wearing Michelle Dockery's blue pleated evening gown from Downton Abbey, at the 2020 movie costumes exhibit at FIDM


I stand by my opinion that the Academy choose some really bland costume designs to nominate for Oscars this year. The 2020 movie costumes from these movies are far more exciting than what was ultimately awarded. This crop was AMAZING!

If you are in the LA area and want to see these for yourself, the 2020 movie costume exhibit is ongoing until March 21st. I HIGHLY recommend getting to it! More details on FIDM’s site: 28th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design.

Missed last week’s post? Read Part 1 here.

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