2020 Movie Costume Exhibit at FIDM, Part 1

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FIDM’s 2020 movie costume exhibit is now in its 28th year. Its real name is the Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design and the exhibit was full of eye candy.

It’s not just Oscar-nominated films that are on display, but the exhibit does coincide with the Academy Awards. So the nominees and award winners are all present.

I didn’t blog about it last year (my first year attending the exhibit) but I was awed by all the wonderful costumes. Black Panther took center stage at that show, as it rightfully should have.

Mannequin displaying Angela Basset's movie costume from Black Panther

This year center stage was reserved for the beautifully over-the-top Swarvoski-crystal laden Rocketman. It wasn’t the winner of the Academy Award for Best Costume. It wasn’t even nominated!

Which is a damn shame! Just look at these marvelous costumes!

Look closely at the red shoes. Even they’re covered with crystals!

The list of nominees is…baffling. The costumes from each of these movies were kind of plain.

2020 Oscar Nominees for Costume Design

To wit, here’s the list of nominated movies, along with the costumers behind each movie.

The Irishman – Sandy Powell and Christopher Peterson

3 mannequins displaying menswear movie costumes from 2019 movie The Irishman

Jojo Rabbit – Mayes C. Rubeo

6 mannequins displaying movie costumes from 2019 movie Jojo Rabbit

Joker – Mark Bridges

2 mannequins displaying movie costumes from 2019 The Joker

Winner: Little WomenJacqueline Durran

5 mannequins displaying womenswear movie costumes from 2019's Little Women

Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood – Arianne Phillips

Mannequin displaying Margot Robbie's snakeskin movie costume from 2019's Once Upon a Hollywood

They’re all fine. But in a year when there was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Maleficient: Mistress of Evil, Dumbo, Aladdin, and exquisite period pieces like Harriet, My Name is Dolomite, Downton Abbey, and freaking Rocketman, it feels real…weak.

Margot Robbie’s snakeskin-printed leather outfit from Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood is pretty damn cool. The rest of it nominated movie costumes? Blah.

So let’s look at the really cool stuff. I have to split this into 2 parts because there are SO MANY pictures to enjoy!! And because I sew I’m always fascinated by the seamlines of costumes. Basically, how are they put together?

The following are part 1 of 2019’s movies to watch if only for the clothes!

Movie Costumes from The Aeronauts

2 mannequins showing the movie costumes from 2019's The Aeronauts

These outfits from The Aeronauts worn by Felicity Jones, for example. There is an embellished ombre dress and a gorgeous fitted brown flight jacket. I love the jacket. Now THAT’s a stunner!

See how the sleeve is puffy at the top, and the waist darts curve around the body? One of the darts even looks like it originates from the facing stitching.

Close-up of a fitted brown leather jacket from the movie The Aeronauts

The more I look at this the more I find things to love. The two-tone sleeve, then the leather-bound cuff, ALL. THOSE. BUTTONS. Not to mention the peplum. I think I need a jacket like this.

Movie Costumes from Maleficient: Mistress of Evil

Display of movie costumes from 2019's Maleficient: Mistress of Evil

The Maleficient costumes were incredibly ornate, and a few of them looked really heavy. Especially Michelle Pfeiffer’s Queen costumes. The silver one, in particular, reminded me of the Game of Thrones costumes from the TV exhibit last fall.

Mannequin wearing the silver queen movie costume from 2019's Maleficient: Mistress of Evil

In contrast, Elle Fanning’s Aurora costumes are light and ethereal. This blue and lavender one is made of what looks like organza and lace. And you can see how delicate it is from this up close view of the lace.

Movie Costumes from Dumbo

3 mannequins wearing costumes from the movie Dumbo

These pieces from Dumbo are gorgeous.

My favorite is the purple/green ensemble. Look at those peacock feathers! And the tassels on the sleeve! Exquisite!

Close-up of feather and tassel details on a movie costume from Dumbo

The draping around the hips though…

By the way, the Dumbo costumes were directly next to Little Women, so the disparity between the two was quite striking.

More Movie Costumes

It was also great to see a bit of nostalgia in the single A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood costume. It’s Mr. Rodgers’ iconic cardigan and khaki pants.

Mannequin wearing the iconic red sweater, tie, and khaki pants from the Mr. Rodgers movie

And because I had just seen it that weekend, these costumes from Last Christmas (by the way, spoiler: that is NOT a rom-com!!)

3 mannequins wearing movie costumes from 2019's Last Christmas

Check out the thigh-high slits on the cheongsam.

Close-up of cheongsam with a long slit up the leg from the 2019 movie Last Christmas

And Emilia Clarke’s dress is far cry from her Queen Dany ensembles and much more like a hacked Orchid Midi. Which I might have to recreate!

Close up of a blue print dress and leopard print jacket from the movie Last Christmas

The 2020 movie costume exhibit is ongoing until March 21st. So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I HIGHLY recommend getting to it! More details on FIDM’s site: 28th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design.

And come back next week for Part 2 of this exciting exhibit!

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