SWAP Fail – Another Circle Cardigan Story

In my last post, I mentioned that the mauve floral fabric was a contender for one of the “accent” prints for my Sewing with a Plan capsule. And because I wear my original Circle Cardigan ALL THE TIME, I figured one in a floral Liverpool might be useful, too.

Because this was my third time making the cardigan, I whipped through it super quick. I even took time to shorten the collar at center back because I knew from prior experience that this would be more comfortable. With this being a thicker fabric than my original, I expected it would bunch up back there. I cut back 3″ and used my French curve to gently extend this new point back to the original cut line, somewhere along the bust point.

I did NOT lenthen the band, and THIS was my fatal mistake. Shortening the collar actually extended the hem line around the cardigan about 3/4″. The band is already about 5% shorter than the entire hem, so I effectively shortened it even more by adding 3/4″ to the hem. In a drapey or stretchier fabric, this wouldn’t have been too big a deal. But in a stable knit like a Liverpool, it is pretty noticeable.

The shorter band caused the fabric to buckle, making the cardigan more bulbous. Less flattering. You can see this is especially true around the shoulder area.

I was pretty sad about this. I tried wearing it for a couple of days, and even took TWO sets of blog photos just to see if restyling it might change my mind.

In the end, I just couldn’t see past this mistake so I asked my mom if she would like it. She said yes so now the floral Circle Cardi lives with her.

Lesson learned that this pattern requires a much flowier fabric—which the instructions do actually tell you! This is completely my fault, not that of the pattern, which you know I love. And now I’m down to a mere 1 yard of the floral Liverpool. I’m not sure if I can get more, but it doesn’t really matter because the rest of my SWAP patterns are all woven makes.

They can’t all be winners. *shrug*

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Rosalba Fontanez
Rosalba Fontanez
Apr 13, 2018 11:04 pm

And I love it, thank you!