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Pretty in Pink Denim – Helen’s Closet York

Helen’s Closet York in pink hero

Continuing on my fangirl-dom for all things Helen’s Closet, here’s yet another one of the makes I whipped up the course of a week. This time, the York Pinafore.

I don’t remember how old I was when I last wore a pinafore dress. I do remember wearing overalls in the 90s…but I was probably a wee child when I wore an overall dress. The recent popularity of the look has really baffled me. My teenage niece and I had a field day making fun of them in Target once…and then the York came out.

At first I was still on the fence, and then I saw so many cute ones on Instagram. They reminded me more of an apron than an infantile outfit, so I had to eat my words about pinafores (they tasted great, thanks for asking).

I had a short length of pink denim from the ASG OC garage sale and even matching bias tape I’d made out of a fat quarter. I posted a poll on my Instagram stories asking if I should use the darker or lighter side and the darker side won out.

Instagram stories poll to choose which side of pink denim to use as outside

I’m going to skip the PDF rundown since I covered that in the Suki post. Let’s just get right into the make! I opted for the View A version with the deeper scoop neck and side patch pockets but the length from View B in size XL.

In order of operations, length adjustments come first. I did my typical 2.5” shortening and then had to tackle the full bust adjustment. The instructions for this are to simply adjust the front strap length but in my head I felt like I needed more width than length (though boobs do raise your front hem). I called an audible and added 5/8” at center front instead.

Well, that was dumb. I ended up taking all the width out at the hips and all the way down. So yeah, next time I’ll just follow the directions!

Like with the Suki, I leveled up another skill set with this pattern too. I used what looked like typical denim topstitching thread on the pockets and along all the bias binding, and I am so impressed with how straight I was able to do it!

Helen’s Closet York topstitching detail

In the end I think this is adorable, but in a totally grown up/cool girl sort of way, not in a child-like way—even in pink! I love how deep the pockets are. They’re perfect for my super-sized iPhone, and possibly a small kangaroo!

So thanks once again to Helen for a fantastic pattern and helping me get over my aversion to pinafores. I’m thinking of reliving my teenage years and diving head first into a set of short overalls. Right now I’m working on my True Bias Lander shorts muslin, so perfect timing! Once I get those fitting properly, I can go about finding the right pattern for overall shorts. Can anyone recommend a good one?

Helen’s Closet York in pink front view


Helen’s Closet York in pink side view


Helen’s Closet York in pink back view

Pattern Recap:

Pattern: Helen’s Closet York Pinafore
Size: XL
Fabric: pink denim
Modifications: removed 2.5″ from length and added 5/8″ to centers (removed below waist)
Notes for next time: add back 1″ of length, add length per instructions for FBA

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