Inspired to Try Project #SewMyStyle2019?

Wondering about Project #SewMyStyle 2019? Read this for an explanation and some inspiration to join us this year! #sewing

We are two full months into Project #SewMyStyle2019 and it’s been so much fun!

As we wrap up February, here’s a little recap of what’s happened thus far, and what we have coming up.

Wait, what is Project #SewMyStyle2019?

Project #SewMyStyle2019 is a Facebook and Instagram sewing challenge. Each month there is a featured pattern that everyone reveals on the same day (and there prizes!). It was started in 2017 by Alex of Bluebird Fabrics, and this is how she describes it:

Above all, #SewMyStyle is all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing. We want to show you that sewing your own wardrobe isn’t an unachievable dream.

In 2018, the torch was handed to a group of vlogger and bloggers, including Jessica Lorraine and Maddie McDermott. They took the Instagram-only challenge to Facebook and opened it up to people who don’t use the ‘gram.

In 2019, Maddie invited 13 more bloggers and vloggers to join her. Based on feedback from previous years, the patterns we’re highlighting this year feature more inclusive size ranges, and we’ll even have men’s patterns! Each month has at least 2 patterns to choose from (join the mailing list to get access to the discounts) that all follow a theme, and 4 bloggers/vloggers to follow for inspiration.

For more info, see a more complete description as well as some FAQs.

What are the Project #SewMyStyle2019 patterns?

Project #SewMyStyle2019 pattern list

Some months have a choose-your-own-adventure theme, others have discounted patterns available to choose from. Prizes are only awarded for using the patterns featured. Or, in the case of CYOA months, following that month’s theme. For example, January was open to any activewear. I made Ryan two pairs of joggers.

You may have seen my posts this month about Givre and Sheona. Those were the patterns for February.

The full theme and pattern list:

January: Activewear – Choose Your Own Activewear

February: Tees – Deer and Doe Givre | Athina Kakou Sheona

March: Cardigans – Helen’s Closet Blackwood | Style Arc Como

April: Trousers – Alina Sewing & Design Co Chi-town Chinos | Wardrobe by Me Hepburn Pants

May: Button Up Shirts – Blank Slate Patterns Novelista | Designer Stitch Sedona Shirt

June: Woven Dresses – Chalk & Notch Orchid Dress | Jennifer Lauren Handmade Quincy Dress

July: Jeans – Megan Nielsen Ash or Dawn | Cashmerette Ames | Thread Theory Fulford or Quadra (both for men!)

August: Lingerie – Emerald Erin Jordy Bralette | Greenstyle Creations Power Sports Bra | Choose Your Own

September: Blouses – Hey June Handmade Phoenix | Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse

October: Denim Jackets – Rebecca Page Kingston Jacket | Style Arc Stevie Jean Jacket

November: Bags – Taylor Tailor Desmond Backpack | SarKirsten Raspberry Rucksack (currently in testing, available soon!)

December: Pajamas – Closet Case Patterns Carolyn PJs | Sew to Grow Night Garden Set

Project #SewMyStyle2019 Winners

With only 2 months into the year, we’ve already given out a few prizes! Prizes are made available by our generous sponsors and are awarded randomly (neither Facebook nor Instagram in any way endorse or sponsor this).

This year we have been able to do a mid-month prize (starting in February) for a work-in-progress/early make, as well as an end-of-month reveal day prize. Reveal day is always the final Sunday of the month. Our winners and sponsors:

January – Activewear

Patterns: Choose Your Own Pattern

Reveal Day Sponsor: Fehr Trade Patterns

Winner: Brenda Wetli @sewknitter


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A post shared by Brenda Wetli (@sewknitter) on

February – Tee

Patterns: Deer and Doe Givre | Athina Kakou Sheona

Mid-Month Sponsor: Wearable Studio

Winner: Tamlyn @Sewn_on_the_tyne


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A post shared by Tamlyn (@sewn_on_the_tyne) on

Reveal Day Sponsor: Blackbird Fabrics

Winner: Molly @pecantassie


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A post shared by molly (@pecantassie) on

What’s upcoming for Project #SewMyStyle2019?

As you can see from the list of patterns above, there’s a LOT of good stuff coming! This Friday I’ll have a post introducing the 4 leaders and hosts for March, so be on the lookout for that! We also have a Pinterest board featuring each pattern and the leaders will fill these in with inspiration as we move through the year.

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JOIN US! There are over 1,100 sewists taking part in Project #SewMyStyle2019. The community is so supportive, no matter what your sewing level is. We welcome newbies and veteran sewists alike!

Make sure to join the Facebook group AND the mailing list to get access to pattern discount codes and keep up to date with everyone’s posts. Also follow our new Instagram account!

Project #SewMyStyle2019 Recap

If you subscribe to the mailing list, you’ll get a twice-monthly email and recaps through there. But if you’ve missed any posts, here’s the list:



I hope this has inspired you to give Project #SewMyStyle2019 a whirl. If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below!

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Feb 28, 2019 10:36 am

I do remember reading about this challenge. It sounds fun, but most of the patterns and designers are not known to me. Which is crazy because I pattern test for so many (over 20 of them over the years), and yet some I’ve never heard of. I’m not in the market to buy a bunch of patterns to enter a challenge when I have so many to sew already. It’ll be exciting to watch the rest of you though! Have fun!

Mar 4, 2019 10:11 am
Reply to  Paulette Erato

Thanks, I may try to join in May!