Recapping an Awesome Project Sew My Style March 2019

Text overlay on 4 women wearing cardigans reads #SewMyStyle2019 Cardigan month recap

Images of 4 women in different cardigans for Sew My Style March 2019 Cardigan MonthNow that it’s April, us March leaders for Project Sew My Style 2019 are passing the baton to the next group of badass ladies. They’re tackling trousers this month, so if you were ever going to attempt to make a pair, now is that time!

Let’s look back on Cardigan month, shall we?

The patterns were the ever-popular Blackwood cardigan from Helen’s Closet and the oversized Como cardigan from Style Arc.

Our leaders this month were Jess from Coral Bunny & Lo, Mac of the Sew Altered Style duo, and Sierra from Seams Like Sierra.

Sierra and I tackled the Como. I love how she used her MyBodyModel croquis to style her Como before she even made it. Such a brilliant idea, Sierra! She even inspired me to create my own back for my MBM croquis to figure out how to cut my flannel shirt.

I pieced together a sew along for the Como, as well as reviewed the pattern. It was not a winner for me, mainly from a sizing standpoint. I know this was a tricky one for a few of my other adventurous sewing friends online. There seems to be an issue around the back seam/shoulder area for a few people.

I’ve gifted mine to a friend and it’s much better suited for her. Win!

Jess and Mac took on the Blackwood and they have great interpretations of the pattern. Jess teased us all month with her mustard yellow hack. She’s got all the Lorelai Gilmore vibes in this photo! I love that she added a back vent to her cardigan. Definitely kicks it up a notch. And her cute hand-stitched seams! Great job, Jess!

Mac and her partner-in-all-thing-sewing Katie at Sew Altered Style are no strangers to the Blackwood. Between the two of them, they pulled together 4 different looks in 4 different fabrics. It’s such a versatile layers piece that it looks great over pants and dresses. They took it from casual to chic in no time flat!

Here is the complete round-up of posts:

Como Cardigan

Blackwood Cardigan

April is Trouser month! Sierra and the Sew Altered Style ladies will be back at it with some assistance from Meg of MegMade Sewing and Simone of Intensely Distracted. I can’t wait to see who makes what and how they make it their own.

If you’ve noticed the themes for Project #SewMyStyle2019, we’ve slowly been building up to a full outfit! First there was workout wear, then a tee, a cardigan, and now pants! If you made leggings in January and then a shirt and cardi, you’re already there! If you made a bra (so brave—that’s on my list to conquer), then you’re almost 100% handmade from the inside out in your outfit.

If you still haven’t gotten on board with the challenge, here’s a recap of how it works. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments or reach out to me directly.

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Apr 3, 2019 7:25 pm

Thank you for the lovely round up post. Your sew along was incredibly helpful!!