Love Notions – Sew My Style 2020 Designer Q&A

Tami Meyer's (of Love Notions) headshot depicting a blonde woman holding a tree branch wearing a blue and white floral tunic

Tami Meyer is the designer behind Love Notions Sewing Patterns, LLC. They have a library of patterns for the whole family, even for dolls!

I’m a big fan of Love Notions personally, having made the Sabrina Slims and Rhapsody Blouse. The blouse was part of Sew My Style 2019! And you’ll likely see at least one version of the Game Day Jersey this month. I’m aiming to make one for me and my husband.

Love Notions’ philosophy is to help sewists of all levels make comfortable contemporary wardrobe staples. From their website:

Whether you are a master sewist or a complete novice, my goal is for you to enjoy the entire sewing process from the time you click “download” until the wearer is twirling around in the final fitting. In addition to the pdf patterns, my team and I also offer a responsive and encouraging online support community which spans across all ages and experience levels. Come and join us!

In this Q&A, Tami gives us a behind-the-scenes view of creating for Love Notions, including a funny story about how the name might have created a little risque friction with sewists’ spouses!

What is your name? Tami Meyer

What is your company’s name and how did you come up with it? Love Notions Sewing Patterns, LLC. I came up with the name because I love a good sewing notion! The funny thing is, I used to get bewildered spouses calling me wondering why there was a questionable charge on their credit card statement. They really had the wrong idea about the name and it had nothing to do with sewing! I’ve since changed how my company name appears on credit card statements. 😉

How long has your company existed? I started Love Notions in the spring of 2014.

When did you decide to become a pattern designer? I had a business sewing custom children’s clothing which I started in 2004. I designed my own patterns for that and I’d often get requests for the patterns. After a few years of that, I decided to take the plunge. SO glad I did! Best decision ever.

What inspired you to start creating patterns? I started my original business sewing and design custom children’s clothing because of my daughter and she’s still a big part of my inspiration.

What background do you have in pattern design (self-taught, technical schooling, etc)? I’m self-taught with the help of lots of textbooks, trial and error and uncountable blog posts, youtube videos and question asking. I also took the Pattern Workshop course in the beginning. That was a great start.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and do you prefer a cone or a bowl? Mango sorbet. Or anything fruity. I love a good waffle cone!

Are you #teamcut or #teamtrace? Cut all the way. But recently I’ve been using a projector and that’s been life-changing! SO much faster and saves a ton of paper, ink & tape. Especially time-saving when I’m in production mode and making lots of samples.

(Editor’s note: Love Notions patterns now come with a projector file! Check out the available patterns here, including this month’s SMS20 featured pattern the Game Day Jersey.)

Where do you get ideas for new designs? I prefer more classic, basic styles with a hint of something unique. I find inspiration in catalogs of brands that I like the aesthetic of. Like Garnett Hill, J. Jill, J. Crew, Loft, Madewell, etc.

What is your personal favorite among your patterns? It seems like I say each new pattern is my new favorite. The one pattern I go to for quick and satisfying sew is the La Bella Donna. My second favorite would be the Melody Dolman. Both favorites are dolmans so I guess I like a good dolman sleeve. 🙂

What has been your all-time most challenging sewing project? Designing the Octave Coat, hands down was my most challenging project! I learned a lot with that pattern. I’m really proud of the end result but boy am I glad it’s done! I think I printed that pattern at least a dozen times during production. And it’s a big one so I spent a LOT of time assembling it.

2 images of women in the Octave jacket, one with a furlined shawl and the other with a hood

What do you hope people gain from using your patterns? I hope people gain newfound confidence in sewing for themselves when they use a Love Notions pattern. I aim to provide clear directions in sewing as well as a little hand-holding in fitting themselves

What’s your favorite libation? Always coffee!

Thank you Tami! We look forward to seeing all your Game Day Jersey’s this month, for everyone you choose to make them for!

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