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Sew Long Summer with a Hacked Daisy Blouse

I’m hanging on to the last bit of summer while I still have this awesome Caribbean tan with my hacked Daisy blouse. Today is the last day of the Sew Long Summer blog tour. Sew Long Summer is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those …

The Liebster Award & 7 Bloggers to Discover

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! Up until I randomly stumbled on a backlink this weekend, I had no idea that a Liebster Award existed or what it was. But it turns out that bloggers nominate bloggers and then they answer a bunch of questions and we all get …

Sunday Lately 2019: Week 22 – Moving, Leaping, Going

I lied. Last week I told my newsletter subscribers that I would be back to my regular Tuesday/Friday posting schedule and then didn’t do that this week. I even had Friday’s blog post written by Tuesday! It needed a light touch in editing and some photos to round it out …

The Seamstress Tag: All About Petite Font

The seamstress tag has been floating around YouTube for a while, but there’s no reason a non-video blogger can’t answer! Plus, given recent events, it’s difficult for me to put content together right, much less make anything original. Answering questions is pretty straightforward, though. I’ve done this same kind of …

Top 5 of 2017

I just learned about the Top 5 recap post that Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow hosts annually. It’s a chance to go through your hits, misses, highlights, reflections, and goals. I was trying to think of a way to write a 2017 recap and this came along at just the right …

The #LittleRedDressProject – Simplicity 8332

The moment I saw Simplicity 8332, I knew it would be in velvet. The pattern calls for all kinds of light woven fabrics, but I swear that the drawing for View B looks like light blue velvet. So I went on a hunt for crushed red velvet, because I also …