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The #LittleRedDressProject – Simplicity 8332

The moment I saw Simplicity 8332, I knew it would be in velvet.

The pattern calls for all kinds of light woven fabrics, but I swear that the drawing for View B looks like light blue velvet. So I went on a hunt for crushed red velvet, because I also wanted this to be my make for the #LittleRedDressProject.

Now in its second year, this was created by Renata of Running in Style. This year it is co-hosted by Rosa from the YouTube channel Sewn (as well as Suzy Magazine). The challenge this year was to create a red dress and post it on Instagram this week, or if you really wanted to stretch yourself, recreate a famous red dress or one from a movie. I opted for the easier challenge.

Since Renata allowed for various shades of red, I settled on a burgundy that was less crushed velvet and more…whats the word for this? Folded? Wrinkled? Either way, I love it. And it’s a bit stretchy, which means I had some wiggle room in dealing with what is already a very loose fitting dress.

I keep shrinking, so it’s hard to tell what my actual size is, worse so because I decided to use a stretch knit with a woven pattern. I opted for a size 16, which is one size down from what my current high bust measurement would have put me at. I also mixed the views up. Originally I was going to cut a straight View B, but liked the curved hemline from View D so I used it instead.

I’m short, so I usually have to trim 3″ off any dress. Thankfully I did NOT do that because as it is, the View D hem is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust long enough to allow me to lift my arms without being completely indecent.

I gave myself a little boobie room then rotated the dart to the waist but didn’t close it, which then made the bodice a bit wider. I used the size 18 skirt so I could still gather it slightly and it was a fine change. But then the dress was just TOO roomy overall, so I pinched out an inch from the back, and all was right again in the world. Still a loose fit, but now I’m not swimming in it.

I left the lace off because I didn’t need to be extra here. I did buy some braided trim to use instead but decided it’s too heavy for this material and it’s fancy enough without it.

This dress is the ultimate in secret pajamas. The fabric is so soft. And because it’s a roomy make, there’s plenty of coziness to it, too. It’s also super duper fast. The bodice is in two pieces with kimono sleeves and the skirt is two gathered rectangles. From tracing the pattern (I always trace paper patterns) to having a completed, hemmed make took all of just a handful of hours.

I’m wearing it to the Christmas Eve celebration at my parents’ house tomorrow, though I’ll pair it with leggings and boots so I don’t have to worry about flashing my family. My husband, who took these pictures, obviously enjoys this version here. 

The back still doesn’t fit quite right, but I honestly do not care. It’s a comfy dress and that’s all that matters today!
Pattern Recap: 
Pattern: Simplicity 8332 View B with View D hem
Size: 16
Modifications: added 1″ FBA and rotated dart to waist without closing, pinched out 2″ from center back 
Notes for next time: lower front hem by at least 2″
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