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Top 5 of 2017

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I just learned about the Top 5 recap post that Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow hosts annually. It’s a chance to go through your hits, misses, highlights, reflections, and goals.

I was trying to think of a way to write a 2017 recap and this came along at just the right time! I’ve covered the goals portion already, but I definitely have some hits and misses.

In 2017 I completed 62 projects. That seems like a lot but by comparison, in 2016 I managed to eek out 60 and I also worked a demanding job that had me traveling nearly 3 entire months out of the year. In 2017 I was a full time homemaker for 9 whole months with very few distractions, so 62 seems low to me.

I’ll do better in 2018.

Of those 62, I’ve identified 7 complete fails. The worst of these was the red linen Ogden Cami that stretched out beyond repair.

Red handmade Ogden Cami hanging on a clear hanger
The rest are mostly unblogged and therefore unphotographed, so no use dwelling on them. I’d much rather focus on the hits anyway! So the top 5 :

This year I tried more selfless sewing (which is a stupid term, and one I will never use again—basically it means sewing for others implying that sewing for yourself is selfish and that entire concept irritates me) and made both my husband and mother a few items. I loved both of these finished products.

El Husbando in his Mexico shirt:

Man in handmade sandy colored short sleeved button up shirt leaning against a railing and wearing a straw fedora

Mom in her floral Loretta:

Smiling woman wearing a floral handmade Seamwork Loretta shirt in her garden patio

The rest are all ones I made for me. By far my favorite make all year was the charcoal grey v-neck sweater I made as part of the One Week One Pattern 2017.

Curly haired brunette in a handmade grey v-neck sweater and red pants standing against a green railing

This next one was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect to like the Saunio cardigan and yet I ended up with 3 of them anyway (with a 4th on the way soon, hopefully).

My favorite is, unsurprisingly, the grey one (see a theme?):
Cut off picture of a woman in a grey handmade Saunio cardigan over a pink top and with a purple flower pinned to her lapelIt was the first one I made and still the most versatile.

Finally, there’s the red velvet number I made up for Christmas.
Curly haired brunette in a handmade short red velvet dress with her hands in her hair smiling at the camera

I love this dress. It’s both extremely comfortable and super cute. It’s great on its own for a sexier look or paired with leggings and boots for something a little more casual but still fun and a bit more snazzy.

2017 was a great year. I learned a LOT and made some great strides in my sewing progress. I’m really looking forward to what I have planned so far for 2018, which currently amounts to about 40 projects. Can I beat 62 though? With less than 7 fails?

Stay tuned!

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