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Cozy Chocolate Brown Sweater – Thread Theory Finlayson

Another #sewingforhim post! El Husbando has 5 me made pieces, 2 of which were made in just the last 2 weeks.

And to borrow from a certain men’s clothier: I like the way he looks!

What I’m sure you will notice, which he thankfully didn’t and doesn’t even care about, is the one little pinch of fabric right above the middle of the front shawl junction. It’s super obvious in these pictures, which breaks my heart a little bit. But he really doesn’t care so I’m trying not to either…it happened when I was serging the shawl onto the body and it’s so damn hard to unpick. *sad face*

The Thread Theory Finlayson is surprisingly easy to make. The instructions are superb, even suggesting adding a tag to the decorative back facing in the very first line, which I, of course, forgot to do.

Do you tag everything you make? I usually do if only to be able to tell which way it goes on, but sometimes it’s really just more trouble than it’s worth. And with this particular make, he can definitely tell the front from the back so I’m thinking maybe I’ll just leave it as is…?

About the facing: it’s completely optional but when I first basted it all together and gave it to Ryan to try on, the first thing he noticed was the facing and he liked how the stitching looked from the back. So when a man who otherwise ignores little details like that actually points it out, it must mean something good. In other words: I highly recommend putting it in yours if you make it!

Back to the instructions. I was a bit concerned that the shawl collar would be tricky but it absolutely is not! The drawings are super helpful, and it’s really easy to figure that and everything else out. Thread Theory really holds your hand through the process, even illustrating how to reinforce shoulder seams.

All in all this is a really great pattern. El Husbando wanted the kangaroo pocket from Version 2 added to his. I couldn’t find twill tape (which is optional, but suggested for finishing the back neck edge and the pocket openings), so I simply double stitched the pocket openings. I decided I liked how this looked so I continued the double row of topstitching along the top and sides…and unfortunately this made the openings for the hands a little tight. He can still get his hands in, but not very easily. Oops!

Now I kind of want one for myself…

The fabric is anti-pill fleece from Joann’s. Not your highest quality stuff, but definitely cozy.



Pattern Recap: 
Pattern: Thread Theory Finlayson Sweater, Version 1 (with V2 pocket)
Size: Large
Modifications: shortened sleeves 1/2″ and omitted twill tape
Notes for next time: try not to create puckers when serging…

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