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Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2020

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Pink sewing pattern pieces on a blue background. Text overlay reads 5 favorite sewing patterns of 2020 plus a few extra!

There will be some familiar names and looks in my list of top 5 sewing patterns of 2020. Because what I found comfort in during the collectively weirdest year of all was returning to some old favorites.

I love these #SewingTop5 lists. I focus on my wins, which is another thing 2020 has taught me to do. Celebrate the good!

And while I’m slowly renewing my relationship with sewing after a short hiatus (I’m working on the 5oo4 Rita skirt for Sew My Style this month), I haven’t sewn anything in 2 whole months. In fact this year, the number of finish garments wasn’t even half of what it has been in previous years.

I started taking more time with each project…until I stopped completely apparently! But don’t worry. It’s coming back.

And I hope it’s like riding a bike. I think I still know how to thread my machines!

So in no particular order:

Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2020

Per usual, there are patterns for him, her, and them mixed in here.

Friday Pattern Company Sunday V-neck

Dark haired man with a beard in a color blocked green and white Sunday V-neck and light brown cargo shorts

Of all the clothes I made Ryan this year, the t-shirts are what he wears most often. This was actually a close call between the green Sunday v-neck and his red Game Day Jersey. He technically wears the red one more often since red is his favorite color, but I like the way this one looks on him more.

The Sunday V-neck is a free unisex pattern available on the Friday Pattern Company blog (not the shop). It’s a super fast sew and has a very easy neckband insertion.

Dark haired curly haired Latina in a color blocked green and white Sunday V-neck and light beige shorts

Sometimes I sneak a wear of it too. But it definitely looks better on him.

Sew DIY Lou Box Top

Paulette in a hacked grey Lou Box Top sitting on the couch under a Happy Birthday banner sipping an iced coffee

Although I consider Beth Wood of Sew DIY my friend, that’s not why the Lou Box top is on my list. I mean, it KIND of is since I like Beth and her patterns. But I also wear this shirt a LOT.

Like embarrassingly often. The Lou Box top is basically my uniform.

Part of it is that I made it out of a super soft double-faced knit. I also hacked it to have a little more butt coverage. And even though I firmly believe that leggings are pants and no booty coverage is necessary, it doesn’t hurt to have it either.

Sew Altered Style Misty Cami

Curly haired Latina woman in a floral Sangria Misty Cami dress showing off the pockets. Text overlay reads

The SAS Misty was a new one for me this year. It came highly recommended from my #SMS20 cohort Laura over at The Specky Seamstress. She floated the idea when I was looking for a dress for our wedding anniversary.

Paired with this gorgeous purple rayon from The Confident Stitch, I absolutely fell in love with it.

I tested it in a poly rayon from Minerva (the same one my Gelato dress is in), and I wore both of these throughout the summer. It’s such a beautiful garment!

McCalls 7206

Ryan leaning against a blue railing wearing a straw hat, red and black colorblocked bowling shirt, and blue jeans.

If it seems like I make this shirt every year, it’s because I do. It’s my absolute favorite shirt for men because it can be dressed up or down. This time I got to color-block it!

It was also a Minerva project, so the fabric was free in exchange for this creation. The model chose his colors, and since red is his favorite, he got this one with red racing stripes.

Yes, it will probably be on next year’s list too. Might as well forecast that now!

True Bias Rio T-shirt

Paulette in a purple ringer tee leaning against a beige stucco wall

I never got around to posting about this Rio ringer t-shirt, because the world kind of went extra sideways when I made it. But I love it so so so so so much. In fact, I have to actively stop myself from wearing it. Much like my Lou Box top, this is also a uniform shirt.

I love pinks and purples together. I love the fit of this shirt, which I only shortened and lowered the neckline on. I love a good ringer tee. I just love everything about this shirt. And it was one of the few Sew My Style patterns I made in 2020.

I’ve had every intention of making another one this year, but time escaped me. I even have fabrics picked out for more! So hopefully I’ll have another shirt to add to my uniform line up coming soon.

Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2020: Honorable Mentions

I actually had more than 5 patterns I wanted to highlight, but I didn’t want to stray from the Top 5 format. I know I could’ve but whatevs.

Simplicity 1108

Paulette is dressed in a black t-shirt and pants, holding out the edges of her peach paisley robe with fringe. She is looking down to the right.

My Golden Girls Deverobe has found a permanent home in my office for when it gets a little cold. It doesn’t even matter if it clashes or not. I still take Zoom calls and meetings in my mismatched outfit and feel fabulous regardless.

Because I am fabulous! And even more so in my Deverobe!

Pattern Scout Lulu Cardigan

Paulette smiling at the camera wearing a camel suede zip front Lulu cardigan

Yet another Sew My Style garment I never blogged about but wear extensively is my camel microsuede Lulu cardigan.

I was originally going to make this in a red stretchy twill but decided to go with a more neutral color. And I love it so much! It’s a little small but I don’t care. It’s a great transitional jacket for the So Cal fall.

What were your favorite patterns in 2020? Was it a year of comfort with tried and true patterns or a year of experimenting with new ones? Let me know how it went for you down below.

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