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An Insider View of Long Beach: 10,000 Steps through Alamitos Beach

Images of building as example of Spanish architecture, a plastic sheep in a child's race car, and a whimsical house with text overlay 7 quirky sites to see in Alamitos Beach Long Beach California

Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and take 10,000 steps through Alamitos Beach, Long Beach and explore some quirky sites!

Having just recently moved to Long Beach, California—the city both Sublime and Snoop Dogg called the LBC—I’ve been very curious about the area. So much so that I embarked on a 100-day quest to explore it!

My #The100DayProject is both about exploring the city AND getting 10,000 steps daily. The walking part is important here because parking in this area is, in a word, terrible.

Large domed cement sign with image of sunset over the beach and text Alamitos Beach Long Beach

The easiest place to start is in our own neighborhood, Alamitos Beach. We’re located just east of Downtown Long Beach and just north of the water. It’s a small neighborhood, but there’s lots to do and see!

10,000 Steps to: Meant to Be Cafe

Meant to Be Cafe is a recently reopened coffee shop on the corner of Bonito Ave and East Broadway. They have a unique menu for breakfast and lunch (with decadent French toast or even White Boy Tacos). The pride themselves on using only top line Italian roast for their cappuccinos and even sell some Italian provisions.

The rose latte is otherworldly! It’s topped with real rose petals.

Rose latte in pink cup and saucer topped with rose petals served at Meant to Be Café in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

The adorable turquoise and grey interior is attached to an equally adorable Glow Getter boutique with a variety of clothing options. But since I don’t buy anything I can make myself, I’m steering clear of their very cute clothes. #rtwfaster for life, yo.

10,000 Steps to: Dive Bars along Broadway

2 beer pint glasses on a bar top, one filed with dark ale, the other with a lighter colored ale enjoyed in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

Need something a little stronger than coffee? Try any of the number of dive bars dotting East Broadway. From Broadway Cocktail Lounge, to Sweetwater Saloon, to the Mine Shaft and The Brit, you’ll find a variety of cheap beers and or cocktails to suit your palate.

Alamitos Beach wears its diversity on its sleeve. So as you’re cruising along Broadway you’ll be sure to enjoy rainbow crosswalks and flags at most establishments.

Sidewalk with rainbow colored stripes as seen in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

10,000 Steps to: Carroll Park

Small island of trees in the middle of a road within Carroll Park near Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

Continue down Broadway up to Junipero Ave and take a left to head north a couple of blocks. This will take you directly to the Alamitos-adjacent little enclave of Carroll Park with it’s lovely historic homes and idyllic peaceful aura.

Carroll Park is a Long Beach Historic District, having been mapped out by John Carroll in 1907 though some of the houses date as far back as 1898! The winding streets discouraged farmers from wheeling their carts through the area on their way to market, keeping the horses from kicking up dust. Though the streets are fully paved now, small green lots divide the curving streets so traffic remains slow and at a minimum.

Classic craftsman home in Carroll Park neighborhood near Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

The beautiful architecture of the homes here competes with some of the best in the city (I’m looking at you, Pasadena!). You can enjoy original Craftsman homes (both cottage size and gigantic), Victorian, and just about anything else in between.

Whimsical house with architecture reiminiscent of the Snow White's dwarves' home in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

10,000 Steps to: Alamitos Branch Library

Exterior view of Alamitos Branch library's wrought iron windows and railing in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

Head west down 3rd Street and you’ll come to the Alamitos Branch Library just west of Cherry Ave. Though its history dates to 1895 the current building opened in 1929 and was built to resemble a Spanish castle.

Anyone familiar with the Spanish style architecture popular in California will recognize the terra cotta roofing and wrought iron details. But the true gem of the building is actually through its doors.

Garden area with brick walkway between foliage and an empty bench next to a dry fountain in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

The library has a small reading garden on its back patio. To enter you get to pass through period stained glass doors to enter. The area is currently undergoing repairs but will be lovely to enjoy once it reopens.

10,000 Steps to: Zeep the Sheep

Fire station with plastic race car and fake sheep on front lawn in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

Continuing west down 3rd Street for a block and a half and you’ll come to Fire Station #2. Located at Gaviota Ave and 3rd Street, the firehouse has its own mascot! The popular plastic sheep is known as Zeep and has its own Instagram account!

Zeep has been on many adventures. Unfortunately, someone stole Zeep during last weekend’s Grand Prix race. This isn’t the first time Zeep disappears, though. Hopefully, he’ll return shortly.

Child's race car on grass with post inside and a picture of a sheep with the sign that reads MISSING! HAVE YOU SEEN ME??? in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach

And that’s a quick neighborhood tour of Alamitos Beach, Long Beach. It’s a quirky place, but in the best way possible!

How are you getting your 10,000 steps today?

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Apr 17, 2019 10:45 am

Great post! The 100 Day Project seems like a healthy and eco way to explore, I love it! I’ve always wanted to visit California and this is giving me major wanderlust. I also have a mild obsession with rose flavoured drinks. That latte looks so good!

Caitlin |

Apr 17, 2019 4:40 pm

This is such a cool idea. I struggle so much to get in even 5000 steps but I am going to try again now that the weather is better.

Ritu Bhathal
Apr 19, 2019 6:12 am

Enjoyed that walk with you… Shame it didn’t show up. On my. Fitbit!

Apr 19, 2019 9:11 am

What a great idea!

Apr 19, 2019 2:08 pm

Love this. My uncle lived in Long Beach and I never saw his home. He emigrated from Ireland in the late fifties. I enjoy seeing a plave he may or may not have known in his life as a bus driver there.


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