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Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review – More Joggers for Him

The Simplicity 8268 joggers are so easy to make! Enjoy this sewing pattern review of these sweatpants for men (and women and kids!) #sewingpatterns #menswear
The Simplicity 8268 joggers are so easy to make! Enjoy this sewing pattern review of these sweatpants for men (and women and kids!) #sewingpatterns #menswear

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men, man sitting on bench in blue sweatpantsIn January 2018 I made El Hubo the first pair of Simplicity 8268 joggers. He calls them his “house pants.” Basically, he lives in them when he’s home.

Our new home is in Long Beach, CA which recently underwent a freezing rain situation. We work out at 6:30 am 3 times a week when it’s likely a mere 40-50 degrees out (which is a cool 4-10 degrees to the rest of the world). Because of the weather, he’s decided he needs more of these pants.

Buuuuuuuuuut, he wanted them in a thinner material than the scuba I used for his 2018 pants. Oh, and 2 pairs!

Sure, babe.

Enter a low-stretch sweatshirt fleece from Joann. At 85/15 poly-cotton, the fleece a bit breathable but lighter in weight than the scuba.


Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men, man demonstrating comfort of his pants by kicking his feet up

Since I didn’t do a proper pattern review the last time I posted about these pants, why not do one now?

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Simplicity 8268

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: envelope front

The Big 4 don’t waste their money on long, enticing descriptions.

Make these easy-to-sew knit joggers for the entire family. Pattern is sized for adults, teens and children. Look for fabrics such as French terry, ponte, interlock or velour for best results.

Pattern Size Chart
Simplicity 8268 Size Chart for joggers or sweatpants pattern

Ryan fits squarely into a size medium. The recommended fabric is knit with at least 25% stretch. But the scuba wasn’t that stretchy so I didn’t worry about it. I did have to use a different fabric for the waistband and cuffs, though. I had some black cotton interlock on hand for that.

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men, man in black sweatpants, one arm up in the air

The entire project can serged/overlocked, except for the pocket opening topstitching. If you don’t have a serger, a narrow zigzag stitch on a regular machine is fine.

Pattern Instructions

Does anyone else hate how Big 4 pattern instructions fold up? I wish the layouts were on their own separate page. That way the full instructions could be on one sheet, front and back. But it’s never that way. So stupid!

As I mentioned in my last post about these, Simplicity 8268 is a very quick project. And because I already knew they would fit, there was no need to make up another muslin. I was able to cut both pairs all at once (on my brand new table!)

Size medium requires 1.5 yards of fabric, plus an extra 5/8 yard of stretchy fabric for the waistband and cuffs.

The instructions are straightforward, as much as Big 4 instructions can be. First, you sew up the inseams, then the crotch. Attach the pockets to the 4 sides, then sew the outseams (but not around the pockets yet!). Topstitch the pocket openings, then sew the pockets together (I feel like this can be less fiddly).

Baste the pockets to the front of the pants. Sew the waistband together, leaving a hole in one side seam to thread the elastic through. At this point, Step 11 is to thread the elastic through, adjust for fit, and then close the hole by slip stitching. Who wants to hand sew?!

Step 13 is to attach an unnecessary decorative tie to the front. I’ve skipped this on all 4 pairs I’ve made.

Attach the cuffs, and you’re done!

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men

Pattern Notions

Aside from the unnecessary twill tape for the decorative front tie, you will need 1.25″-1.5″ elastic. I used the non-roll variety.

Pattern Adjustments

I inserted the elastic last, after attaching both the waistband and cuffs. At that point, the pants are completely done and the elastic only needs a fit check. Non-roll elastic is thick and hard to pin through, FYI.

The pattern notches line up perfectly, as you would expect from a commercial pattern. But some of the markings on the pieces are dumb. There are two dots on the cuffs that are meant to line up with the side seams. There is also a notch on the center of the bottom of the front pant leg, but not the back. I made notches on both front and back, and an extra notch on the cuff to line up with the side seam. I don’t have time for finding dots!

You can also cut the waistband out on the fold, saving you some sewing. It does require adding both seam allowances to the end and ignoring the notches, though. Which is fine. You can easily find the quarter points on the waistband and match those to the front, back, and side seams. I find that SO MUCH easier than messing around with notches.

There is a pattern piece for the elastic, which is also a waste of paper. The length of the elastic is determined by your very special own waist size. Ryan needed his tighter than the “guide” suggested.

Final Thoughts on Simplicity 8268

The pockets are really big. But other than that, the pants are pretty great. I’m sure I’ll receive another order for a pair or two in 2020! Maybe I’ll skip the cuffs and go more straight leg style for that future pair.

I also plan more of a front slant pocket for next time, instead of inseam pockets. It means the pockets are attached FIRST, which means no weird interruption for topstitching between sewing the side seams and pockets. Way less fiddly.

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men, pocket detail of sweatpants

The next part might surprise you since navy is my least favorite color. But I really like how the black cuffs and waistband contrast with the blue fabric. I call them the bruise pants (cuz black & blue!). You’re never supposed to wear those two colors together, but we’re #breakingallthedamnrules this year, so yay.

After this, I can safely say that Simplicity 8268 is a tried and true pattern. We’re starting 2019 off with a bang!

What is your favorite pattern for casual pants? Do you prefer Big 4 or indie patterns? Tell us down in the comments!


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