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Pink V-Neck Sweater – McCall’s 7660

I first learned about this pattern from an Inside the Hem video. I really liked the idea of a v-neck sweater and I really wanted it in pink, just like the picture for view D.

I imagined this in a boucle knit, but had a devil of a time finding any boucle, much less one in pink. I was able to find a cool open weave in a dusty lavender/pink so that was good enough.

This fabric is more like netting. You can catch fish with this, out in the ocean. Also the color? Is it lavender or pink? Plavender?

For modesty purposes it absolutely requires a camisole underneath, but luckily I have one in a matching-ish color. Plavender.

The pattern itself (M7660) is relatively straightforward, but the directions leave something to be desired. The constant jumping around between views is maddening though typical of the Big 4 patterns, but this was a simple front, back, sleeves, and neckband.

I opted for a combination of views E and F: I used the sleeves from E and the hem from F. Because I’m only 5’3″ and these patterns are usually drafted for ladies around 5’6″, I removed 3 inches of length, and added my typical 1″ full bust adjustment.

My new machine doesn’t have adjustable presser foot pressure, so I was stuck between trying not to smash the fabric under a teflon foot or using a walking foot that would catch the loose fabric. I tried both and neither was wonderfully successful. The neckband went in relatively well, despite being three layers of fabric. The sleeves and hems, on the other hand, they stretched and were a bit wavy. L’sigh.

The only real disappointment are the sleeves, they’re just too wide. Instead of using a 1.25″ hem, I cut it down to 1/2″ and they were juuuuuuuuuust long enough. But since they stretched, and the fabric is really drapey, they feel really large and flappy.

I really like the split side vents and how the fat neckband crosses over itself. They’re nice finishing touches. Of course I wore it right away, at night, without a jacket. It’s technically a sweater, but again, made out of fish catching netting so offers little protection in terms of warmth. I’ll have to pair it with outerwear next time!

Or not, at least for a while. It’s still raging hot here in LA.

Pattern Recap: 
Pattern: McCall’s 7660 views E and F
Size: 16
Modifications: 1″ FBA, sleeve lengthened by 3/4″, overall length shortened by 3 inches
Notes for next time: add more length to sleeves to preserve the 1.25″ hem, possibly add cuffs

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