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Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2019

Images of woman and man in 5 different outfits with text in white box Top 5 Sewing Patterns 2019 petite font dot com I love Top 5 (and 10, 50, or 100!) lists, end of year lists, making lists. I just love lists! And the Top 5 sewing patterns of 2019 is my year-end favorites!

And this isn’t any ol’ top 5 either. This is my Top 5 sewing patterns of 2019 for women and men. I sew for both, and had success with both types of patterns, and one even works for all sexes!

I was originally inspired to do this in 2017 by Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow. This year she took it to the Sewcialists and now it has a hashtag: #SewingTop5! And since I make a LOT of top 5 lists, why stop now?

For previous Top 5 lists, check out this list (it’s list-ception!):

I guess these are sort of in my favorite order, but I’m not the only one who wears them!

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Top 5 Sewing Patterns of 2019

5. Pattern Emporium True Romance

True Romance Top

There is nothing I don’t love about this PE True Romance blouse. First there’s the blood spatter fabric, which is so creepy it’s beautiful. Then there’s the name, all 90s girls know what that means! And finally there’s the actual pattern, which is what you’re here for!

I hadn’t heard of Pattern Emporium before finding this pattern. They’re an Australian company but they’re gaining traction here in the US thanks to both they’re cute patterns and a vibrant Facebook group.

I was working on a hot pink sweater version of this blouse when the weather got too hot for it, so it’s been stashed until just now. I’m super excited to find it in my myriad of packed boxes still cluttering my sewing space, and then have a new top for Christmas! If I remember correctly, the only thing left to do is add the cuffs.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I can find this quickly!

4. Simplicity 8268 Unisex Joggers

Simplicity 8268 Pattern Review: Joggers for Men

I made these AND another black pair back in January for El Husbando. That’s after I had already made us each a pair the year before! Well, Ryan is a creature of habit (who isn’t, right?). So he basically lives in these all winter long. If he doesn’t have to go into his office, then you can find him in these pants.

He has 3 pairs of them and they are in constant rotation the moment the weather falls below 70º F (21º C). In a cozy sweatshirt fleece they really are like a nice hug for your legs.

(I may steal them on occasion…)

And since they work in just about any fabric with even a little bit of stretch (25% recommended), you can whip them up in almost anything. Just be sure to use stretchy fabric for the waistband and cuff so they can stretch over your hips and butt!

Now I’m thinking I need another pair. Right?

3. Hey June Handmade Phoenix Blouse

Front view of a smiling curly haired Latina woman wearing a sleeveless pink silk and lace handmade Phoenix blouse

Looking back on this year, I’ve made a LOT of black clothing. My last 2 posts were of black tops! Even when I try to make very colorful clothes, I still gravitate towards the dark clothing in my closet. That’s probably because it was a rough year. But my watermelon pink Phoenix Blouse is a bright standout.

Talk about living in a shirt. I wore this tank as often as possible this past summer. It was a labor of love, as you can read about in my pattern review (it took 4 muslins!!). And that’s probably why I love it so much: I had to earn it.

Plus it’s in silk, which is so nice against the skin!

2. Sinclair Patterns Oliver Hoodie

Oliver hoodie

I made this as a test for Ryan…that he now also lives in. Honestly, this man’s uniform is one of the two Oliver hoodies and one of the three Simplicity joggers above. I could have taken this picture yesterday and not last March!

In fact, I’ll give you ONE guess as to which pants he’s wearing in that picture. If you dared say anything other than the Simplicity joggers, you clearly don’t believe me when I tell you than my husband LIVES IN THIS OUTFIT.

No lie.

It’s a really cozy sweatshirt.

1. Chalk & Notch Orchid Dress

Curly haired brunette in shortened and narrowed Orchid dressIf I bother to write THREE separate blog posts about a single garment, chances are that I love it. And boy, do I love this dress.


I hacked it 3 different ways to make it more “me.” Because that’s the whole point of sewing your own clothes: to make them uniquely yours. It isn’t to look like the model on the envelope, though posing like them can be fun!

Everything from the abstract print, to the lovely breathable cotton shirting, to the fabulous instructions for this pattern came together beautifully to give me a dress I adore. And it was perfect for our first 3rd anniversary celebration. And then I wore it again for my nephew’s elementary school graduation. From fancy dinner to casual outdoor picnic, this dress does it all!

Honorable Mentions

There were a couple other patterns I made this year that I also really liked! So they get honorable mentions for this list:

You can read about my latest Seamwork Loretta (it was also on my 2017 list!) and hacked Sinclair Daisy in previous posts. Suffice to say both of these tops got a LOT of wear over the summer!

What are your top 5 for 2019?

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